Couldn't find some wrap?

London Sling Company is, as our name suggests, based in the Capital of the United Kingdom. We carefully select the finest yarn, paying close attention to the entire process to make sure it's ethically produced. The fabric is woven by a renowned Yorkshire mill and sewn and inspected on location in London.

We will never outsource any part of the production to cheap labour countries, or use cheaper non eco or non ethical resources.

There is some extraordinary craftsmanship behind our slings, and we view each and every sling as a work of art. More importantly, it is an essential tool in our lives, allowing us to do everything from taking out the rubbish with a sleeping newborn to travel across the world with our preschooler close and safe.

We want our slings to be comfortable everyday accessories, and we have optimised every detail, such as thread count and the width of the hem to make sure they can be used for full days, long walks, and far travels. The weave we use reduces the risk of loose threads getting caught, while making the fabric soft enough for close snuggles.

London Sling Company: