My vision for wraps wasn’t simply to introduce another wrap to the market. I wanted to create innovative wraps, woven from luxurious materials that were designed, manufactured and sold in the UK and abroad. Whether a mum is new or already familiar with babywearing products, I wanted my products to be lovingly conceived and appeal to all.

Woven Wings Baby wraps are woven in the UK in a renowned Mill specialising solely in bespoke high-end quality textiles. Established since 1720 working in collaboration with luxury Fashion houses and couture designers they produce fabrics that are of the highest quality and demand. Fibres are carefully and ethically sourced, and all yarns are dyed in-house allowing for one-of-kind colours. Some of my wraps will feature our non-chemical luxurious finish which makes them blankety soft straight out of the bag and requires no breaking in.

All of my wraps have been put together with significant attention to detail and a lot of love and care. I hope you enjoy many special moments with your little ones wrapped in Woven Wings.

Woven Wings:
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