Uppymama is a babywearing company based in Alberta, Canada.

We hand weave, hand-finish and market handwoven and handmade artisan babywearing wraps and sling, and other handmade artisanal products to support attachment parenting and celebrate the love that we have in our families. Uppymama began with Becky, a mama and doula, who has a passion for babies, natural parenting and holistic health. The creation of Uppymama babywearing wraps is truly a mission and passion to share the love of gentle, intuitive parenting through babywearing education.

We believe that an attached babe in a wrap is like skipping a stone in a pond, causing a ripple effect – benefiting not only the infant-parent relationship, but the family as a whole, as well as the greater community that family exists within.

Although it will help you get things done, babywearing is not merely about convenience. Carrying your baby close is first and foremost about connection. (But we won’t blame you if you also feel like a rockstar nursing your baby as you grocery shop hands-free!) A baby’s natural habitat is on mama’s body and our wraps will help you keep your babies close to your heart.

“Babywearing has the potential to positively change and enrich our lives and our culture.” – Becky