As a mother of three i gathered a lot of experience in babywearing. I tried most of the babywearing products on the market, but neither of them matched my expectations, so i decided that i will make my own design.

It all started during my third pregnancy. That was when i did a lot of research, and decided that i will use a wrap once my baby girl is born. First I had a streachy which helped my confidence, along with my first RS. Then wraps and RS came and went in an endless circle, and I was still missing something.

I liked most patterns, but I had my own ideas as well, so after a long search I found the weaving mill I could work with to make my dreams come true. In the meantime I had to think of those who are not willing to use a wrap. They get home late in the afternoon, tired, stressed out, and they don’t want to mess around with a wrap. They need something simple, but the most wrap like that is easy to adjust. We tried everything available on the market at that time, but we could not find the one. That was when i started designing my first wrap conversion carriers. I started with half buckles, mei tais, than came the full buckle ones, pod, toddler full buckle, buckle and ring onbu, and rig tai.

My wraps are made in a local weaving mill, and all the accessories I use are mainly produced in Hungary to further support our economy. Of the fabrics I have I sew wraps and RS, carriers, bags, scarves and all different types of accessories.