Kenhuru Sling Brand

Geometric and modern design have always been my favourite ones.

However, I couldn't find that kind of patterns in baby wraps' world.

That is why I decided to create Kenhuru Slings brand – hoping to make geometrical dreams come true.

I wish Kenhuru projects to stay close to simplicity, modernity and calm of geometrical shapes and lines.

I wish them to stay smooth with delicate, pastel colours and vibrate with vivid rainbow tones.

I wish them to be perfect from the very first moment You get them – beginning with the box or the already well known (and as I heard, already much desired) Kangaroo bag.

To keep it perfect in every point we decided to cooperate with some talented Polish fashion designers at the photo shoots.

We have chosen the brands that offer modern and exceptional clothes for all women (and mothers too).

As we believe in them we hope to spread their names a little bit around the world.

Yarn – that is everything that wrap is about.

At Kenhuru we use only the best quality yarns with OEKO TEX-100 Certification or AZO FREE Declaration.

We work hard to choose the best possible blend for You – not only incredibly strong but also amazingly soft.

All of the Kenhuru products are delivered ready to use – there's no need to wash them first.

We know how it is to wait impatiently to use Your dream wrap and share its magic with Your child.

Being a part of attachement parenting, wraps help You to keep Your children close and give them all the best they can get - Your love and sense of security.

We hope You will be the part of the Kenhuru family as long as possible and will enjoy the magic of closeness and intimacy with Your children every single day...

Kenhuru Sling:
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