Cassiope Woven Brand

About Cassiope

My love affair with babywearing began when I was 17-years old. During a mission trip in Haiti I saw mothers carrying their babies and toddlers in wraps on their backs. They were planting, shopping, selling; they kept their children close and safe all day. I knew then and there that I would wear my own babies when I became a mother. In 2004 I gave birth to my first daughter. My love of babywearing grew deeper with each of my three children. My passion for keeping babies close and my love for hand-drawn art come together in Cassiope Woven wraps.

Cassiope Woven is a small woman-owned company based out of the Tampa Bay area. All materials are sourced and produced in the United States. Cassiope is a member of the BCIA & strives to bring quality woven wraps as well as education to the babywearing industry.

Cassiope Woven: