Manja Handwoven Brand

Children are so inspirational and in my opinion the birth of a child changes everything in a womans life.

When I became a mother 5 years ago, I started to think and feel in a different way and the daily use of my babywraps let me be as close to my children as I ever thought this could be possible! ... To smell their Skin, feel its softness and kiss them!

But specially since the birth of my daughter Manja I have always seen the world in a more sensitive way and today it is the daily Inspiration and Babywearing of my three children that fills me with compassion and the wish to create and design babywraps in order to share these inspirational moments with you and your children.

When I asked my daughter what a wrap should feels and look like, she answered (very smart as she often does) ,,Wraps must be comfortable, have good colours and should contain... glitter!"

I offer you these three items as good as I can and would love to be the one, who creates you a wrap that you can use for being close to your children's heart.

Manja Handwoven :