Fireweed Baby Brand

Our crests, our poles, our blankets, our land...

"That's our mark. Big witness for everybody all over the world." Lelt

My mother is a Gitxsan woman from Kitwanga, British Columbia, Canada. Children born into the Gitxsan tradition follow matrilineal lineage and belong to a wilp (house). Each wilp belongs to one of four clans. My mom, my sister, my self and our kids belong to the Giskaast Clan also known as Fireweed! Our clan provides the framework for many of the responsibilities and traditions that keep our communities thriving and growing. Our wilp crest is the killer whale, and the image is woven into our stories, our totem poles and our history. The Northwest Pacific coast of Canada is rich in Arts with a signature style recognized internationally. While staying true to many of the traditional roots, I want to showcase my modern, authentic designs in a unique way. My dad is the keeper of the facts, the history and the fiction of my family. I hope to share with you a picture of what he shares with me and I hope that you come to love my culture as much as I do.

Why a baby wrap?

When I was in my early 20's, I lived in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. I lived with a woman named Minnie, her kids and young grandson. One night she taught me how wrap him in a beautiful plaid shawl. I loved it. She continued with vigour to teach me how to do it, over, and over again. She made me promise that I would carry my babies when the time came and I can vividly remember making her that promise!

A few years later my first, a boy, was born and wouldn't you know, he loved to be carried. My dad bought me my first carrier and with a sister who was an experienced "babywearer", that was it, I was set! 14 years after carrying Minnie's grandson, 10 years after carrying my son, and 18 months into carrying my daughter, we bring you Fireweed Baby!

Fireweed Baby allows me to bring you authentic, high quality, woven wraps inspired by two of my great passions in life!

Fireweed Baby: