Cana wraps are created in cooperation with talented designers from the luxurious yarns by professional and experienced weavers.

Quality, beauty and luxury are our main values. We do consider fashion trends.

Each batch is about 12 meters long. With different wefts, frequently . Therefore it's almost "one of a kind".

We do NOT produce custom wraps.

We really love our grown-up and small customers. We do our best to produce one of the best wraps on the market. We hope for a miracle that all our love, efforts, time spent, luxurious yarns will turn into customers' love. The same as water was turned into wine long time ago at Cana in Galilee :)

Cana is organized by slingo-mama of four kids with 7 years experience in babywearing. My name is Katya, aka kajs in LJ and TBW.