Couldn't find some wrap?

Solnce has evolved as a result of my passion for unique textiles and fine natural fibers. It all has started with the babywearing of my first child, expanded into one of the first babywearing shops in the Netherlands. Thousands of all kinds of wraps have passed through my hands and I started appreciating not only all the great benefits of the woven wraps for the parenting, but also the creative part of making wraps.

Making of textile has always been an art in the history of human kind. I have travelled to Prague to study the art of handweaing from the master, artist and an established legend in the world of babywearing. There, in the small studio I learned not only to weave the legendary wrap, but to see the art in every yarn, every knot, every shift of the handloom.

This has inspired me to start the Solnce wraps production. Even though my wraps are woven on the machine loom, I'm involved into the production at every stage. The Solnce wraps are made in the Netherlands of the premium yarns from the best and trusted manufacturers.

The time when our children are small is a very intense, wonderful and rewarding time in our lives. I believe that babywearing is one of the ways to get the most out of it. And it is my pleasure to accompany you during this period with the Solnce wraps which I make with lots of love and passion.