Couldn't find some wrap?

We founded the yako yako brand because we believe in babywearing and its benefits.

The idea came up during our stay in Sweden where we live temporarily. It is the most inspirational country for us, but the major muse is our daughter Rebeka. She is also the author of the first design – the handprints on the wrap First touch were weaved according to her hand prints taken in her 4 months. The name “yako yako” has been derived from her first sounds or words she made while sucking a pacifier.

And who are us – mother Martina, her other ME and Rebeka’s dad Daniel, his mother Anita, the absolvent of textile academy, artist and interior designer living in Sweden.

Behind the graphic design of yako yako is Peter, a former graffiti artist and founder of graphic studio He follows a motto: “Less is more and more is less”.