Here is a little introduction from the mama behind Maisaa Slings.

My name is Laura Jongbloed, a mommy of 2 beautiful boys born in December 2013 and September 2015. And ofcourse, I am a proud babywearing mommy! I'm Dutch but I live in Germany, still close to the Dutch border.

I was introduced to babywearing after my first son was born. I wore him in a stretchy wrap, but I did not wore him for a long time.

When my second son was born I had to decide how to transport my 2 kids without using a car. I searched how other mothers did this and found a Dutch baby wearing Facebook group.

At first I was shocked how much money people spend for 'just a piece of fabric'. I started with a budget ringsling and discovered how wonderfull babywearing is. Needless to say I became addicted and now understood that baby slings are not just simple fabrics.

The idea of designing my own babyslings popped up in my head and I started researching how to make this idea reality. Then I found out that Natibaby does custom slings so together with Sandra from Draaghoek we opened a preorder for a Kitties sling.

But I wanted more. I wanted to be in control off the whole process from yarn to sling.

So I started to research the possibility of starting my own brand. It was not easy since I had to register my company in Germany and my German is not that good yet.

Finding a weaving mill that could weave the baby slings was also a lenghty process. I contacted dozens of weaving mills before finding the right one.

And that is when Maisaa Slings was born!

Maisaa means walking proud. When are we prouder then when we are wearing our little ones?

I had many ideas in my head but zero drawing skills. So I turned to my dear friend Brenda to ask for help. All credits for drawing the patterns go to her!

Maisaa Slings: