Weaverbirds is a small family-run social enterprise producing beautiful and supportive hand woven baby wraps in Uganda. All wraps are made from sustainable locally sourced non-GMO cotton certified by the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) initiative. Weaverbirds focuses on sustainability for people and planet in every aspect of the production.

Weaverbirds baby wraps are a 100% Ugandan product: The cotton is grown and harvested in rural Uganda and spun and dyed at Fine Spinners Ltd. Kampala. The cotton yarn is then woven at a vocational training center in Kampala providing sustainable and fair wages to experienced weavers as well as providing skills training and job opportunities to novel weavers.

Our vision is to deepen the bond between parent and child while being stewards of our planet. Weaverbirds was founded with the wish and intention to support the Ugandan community through manufacturing in a sustainable manner. We aim to operate under the highest ethical and social standards. We are proud of the work we do, the products we make and our business conduct.