Couldn't find some wrap?

Daiesu is a project which idea came rather unplanned! We have been wearing our Daie since he was 1 month (it would have been from Day 1 if he wasn’t born prem and spent his first 27 days in NICU) and we started with stretchy Moby wrap. Stretchy wraps were great and ours was the only means to keep him calm and close to our body, and thanks to this magical sleeping gadget, Daie sleeps faster and better when being worn. Once he grew and became heavier stretchy wrap started sagging and I could feel the weight when wearing him. That was when I started exploring choices of woven wraps and got hooked since :D

To celebrate our Daie’s first birthday in April 2014, we had been planning for this project – yes, to have our own brand in this awesome piece of longie cloth that have been connecting parents and baby much closer than you can imagine :) Our wraps are designed by us in Malaysia and are woven in India, sourcing only quality organic cotton (GOTS certified) and materials safe for baby. We hope to contribute in spreading the love and all the goodness of babywearing. Our dream is to normalize babywearing among Malaysians, to see parents wearing their baby – be it in wraps or other safe carriers – to be common sights wherever we go.