Girasol Berlin: We are quite astonished to see the new collection of Diva Milano, Essenza. These wraps are rather close to five Exclusive and standard line Girasol wraps. The new Diva Milano line is in no way connected to Girasol, there are no agreements on designs. View more
Diva Milano: Dear all unhappy with our stripes collection! Your hatred level is really striking. This is really amazing to see this among parental community. View more
Girasol Berlin: We deeply regret that an unwritten law within the babywearing community – to respect the designs of other manufacturers as their intellectual property - has been flouted. Thus we would like to politely ask Diva Milano to stop further production of the wraps in question. View more

DIVA Milano is a comfortable and ergonomic baby carrier, for newborns to toddlers.

DIVA Sling gives you mobility and freedom, for an active life after the birth of your baby.

DIVA Milano Sling is designed and produced in Italy, a heart of the world fashion industry. High-quality cotton, optimum thickness and thread count, patterns and colors developed by professional designers in Milan - these features make Diva both a comfortable baby carrier and a fashion accessory to look fabulous every day.

The factory that produces the Diva Sling has a 30-year history of making domestic fabrics for many world-famous fashion houses (Versace and Armani among others).