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Kokadi makes carrying babies a unique experience. Babies are content hearing Mom's heartbeat, smelling Mom's wonderful scent and getting to know the world from a safe distance.

Parents are aiding healthy mental and physical development for their child with a Kokadi wrap. Busy parents are able to attend their daily tasks guilt free because their baby is always right there with them.

These wraps are stylish - Kokadi baby slings are decorated with unique patterns offering a wide variety of designs for every Woman – it's a great accessory.

The standard range is elegant, cheerful and cheeky chic to rock.

The threads of Kokadi baby slings are twisted specifically for Kokadi , colored and then woven.

Due to the special weaving technique, the Jacquard weaving gives the wrap a varied design making you and baby look your best.

Kokadi baby slings are made for today's modern parents and their babies - with Kokadi sustainability and design are “connected.”