Couldn't find some wrap?

Whether you call them wraps, slings, or carriers, this is babywearing with a cause. With each limited-edition release, we donate to a worthy charity.

We are a babywearing couple hoping to make a difference in the world with Ethos through charitable contributions and making babywearing a possibility for parents who haven't yet experienced it. Our first child was born in 2014, and babywearing has been a joy, a blessing, and a necessity! We were so excited when we opened the first samples of Dusky Argyle, and baby squealed with delight and dove for them. It's still his favorite wrap.

Dusky Argyle benefited the Carrying On Project. Manhattan Sundown and Manhattan Skyward benefited Siena House, a homeless shelter for pregnant women and their children in the Bronx.

Solace Vesper will benefit Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, an organization providing photography services for families experiencing the loss of a child.

Our handwovens benefit our artisans' guild in Nepal, which has a charitable mission following the two major earthquakes that rocked the country in early 2015. They have built community toilets and sanitary facilities, community kitchens, temporary and permanent housing, schools, and delivered countless quantities of food and water to stricken areas.

We are located in Northern Utah, which allows us to enjoy hot summers, frigid winters, and brief but beautiful springs and autumns. We are involved in local babywearing groups in our immediate area and beyond.